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The "Take It Back" Challenge

For the sake of time, this portion of the event will be limited to 8 teams (4 High School + 4 Middle School)  

Participants will be judged on  

Creativity& Theme (15)

 Group Sync & Choreography (15)

 High Energy & Showmanship  (15)

Transitions & Formations (15)


Only teams participating in StageBreakers may compete in this portion of the competition. 

1. No greek hand signs, or calls may be used throughout the event. 

2. Participants are required to provide a CLEAN dance mix of up to 4 songs:

3. Music should be provided on both USB and CD. Music will be played from the DJ booth. 

4. The dance mix should include 4 tracks and all should be cut and edited  to fit the performance window.

5. All stroll performances should be under 3 min in total length. 

The selected tracks  should be representative of the last 40 years of music.

The music is selected at the discretion of the team and each track should be dedicated to an era. 

  • For clarity

    • Track 1 should be from 2010-current,

    • Track 2: should be from early 2000s,

    • Track 3: should be from 1990s,

    • Track 4: should be from 1980s

  • transitional skits and sound effects may also be used. The order of the the tracks 


Please Note: This is a family event! ALL music used in any portion of the competition must be free from profanity, vulgarity, or explicit content. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the event. 

Disclaimer: It may be wise for teams to prepare additional stroll choreography in case of a tie situation. The selected song to be used in case of a tie situation will be "Knuck if You Buck," -Lil Scrappy & Crime Mob."


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