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Who Runs the Yard Step Show | Dec 10, 2022


Garland High School StepProgram invites you to the 5th Annual "Who Runs The Yard Step Competition in Garland, TX on

December 10, 2022

The members of the Theta Nu Sigma Step Program representing Garland High School would like to extend our appreciation to your program for participating in this year’s competition.  This year will celebrate our 18th consecutive year of this step season kick-off event in celebration of the high school step culture and you are a part of this growing legacy. Up to 15 teams will join us for this royal night of step. If this is your first show, we hope you will use this opportunity to fraternize, network, promote your events and meet some of the most remarkable people in the step community.  


We will have a couple of exciting plans enclosed within this bulletin and hope that you and your team show your support. 


Thank you for all that you do for our youth, and good luck to you in each of your programs.


Infractions & Penalties

Please be cognizant of the rules governing the event. 
Teams with unpaid registration will not be able to participate.
Unsportsmanlike conduct: taunting, booing, callouts, physical /verbal altercation. (DQ)
Offensive, inappropriate, or sexually explicit, clothing,  music, or dance ( DQ)
Performance overtime limit (1 point per second per judge) 10 min limit. 
Use of unapproved/restricted props (5 points from score per judge)
Destruction or tampering with opposing teams' props or music. (DQ)


Team Scholarships


TNS Booster Program will award team scholarships to support finalists in the following categories:






U12-U14 Elementary Middle school will also receive its own single category and will receive separate team scholarships 


We seek to make the competition even amongst the teams, resulting in a balance of no more than 5 teams per category. As is our custom, both team scores and payments for all winning teams will be distributed at the end of the event.

Theta Nu Sigma Program Booster & event coordinators reserve the right to make the deciding judgment call on the desired layout of the show in terms of payout format. 




Payout Structure

High School Division across 3 Categories

1st Place $350 & Award

Runner-Up $225 & Award

Third Team: Award*

U14 Elementary and Middle

1st Place $300 & Award

Runner-Up $175 & Award

Third Team: Award*


Team scholarships will be issued to the highest scores from the high school category. 

Trophies will be issued to all placing teams 1st-3rd.

Security | Nuts & Bolts


In efforts of preserving the fun, the family environment we’ve sought to create over the past 18 years, the brave officers of our local law enforcement department will provide security for the event.


Also, we ask that you click on the link below to provide a brief typed bio of your team and group photo. The bio will be used to introduce your team prior to taking the floor as well as for the competition program. If you’ve attended our event before, you know it’s a nice touch to have your team added to the show itinerary and videography. 


The official social media hashtags for the night!








There are sure to be tons of photographs from the night, so this will allow the world to see some of the great moments from our youth. 



1. Only registered/participating steppers will receive a wristband. Non-performing steppers and entourage will be asked to pay general ticket admission.  Your team count will be placed on the formation judges sheet so make sure your numbers are accurate.


2. Each team has a 10-minute maximum to complete their routine. Time will begin upon cued music, uniform movement or communication with the audience. Teams that breach their time limit will be deducted 1 point per second, per judge. 


3. There will be NINE judges for this event. 


4. Steppers must not jump off the stage. Floor entrance is allowed with approval. Garland High School or Theta Nu Sigma Step Program are not liable for any injuries, damages, or lost items during this event.


5. The maximum number of onstage step performers is 35. All steppers must meet UIL academic and performance criteria according to high school and middle school rules. 


6.  No unapproved props may be used. This is inclusive of liquids of any kind, (flammable or non-flammable)  glitter, confetti, fire, or pyrotechnics, (yes, I had to include it) fog machines, explosives, or weaponry such as knives, swords, or guns.


The judging will consist of 9 weighted categories and an overall performance determiner to be used in the event of a tie.

There will be a total of 12 judges. (9 scoring judges, 1 Verification judge, 1 official timekeeper & 2 score tabulators) .

The maximum score per scoresheet is 80.


Show order is determined by live hat pull. If you are not present, event staff will pull for your team, so it’s imperative to have a representative on hand or simply, be on time. 


Intro (5)
Thematic Appearance (5)
Presence & Showmanship (10)
Precision, Musicality, & Team Sync (15)
Formations & Transitions (15)
Step Complexity (15)
Vocal Clarity (5)
Creativity (5)
Outro (5)


All judges are familiar with the intricacies of competitive step. Most, if not all, have extensive step experience and have either participated in competitive step programs, competed within their fraternal and sororal organizations, or served as event proctors, some at the regional, state, and national levels.

Drop-off & Buses


Team Check -n begins at 11:00p in the cafeteria located in the rear of the school. 


Teams will be ushered to the cafeteria to receive show information, video/music checks, and prop collection. Stage time will be scheduled this year and will be issued prior to the show via BAND and the email recorded on file. It is suggested that you arrive at least 20 minutes before your call time.


Buses are asked to park in front of the school nearest Jack in the Box.


The Show in a Shell


Teams Check-in at 11:00 and complete stage orientation.

Sponsors Meeting & luncheon 1:00p  (2 reps per organization)

Judges meeting & luncheon begins at 1:30p

Show time begins at 2:40p

The Awards Ceremony is tentatively between 6:30 - 7p


Tickets can be purchased at a general admission price of $15 online and $20 at the venue. Children 3 and under are free. 


P Skillz or a 97.9 the Beat radio personality will host the show and DJ Ernandes will return as DJ for the event. 

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