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WHO RUNS THE YARD Team Registration

Garland High School Select a registration ticket type below to register.

Registration Open Through Nov 25
Complete information below
WHO RUNS THE YARD Team Registration
WHO RUNS THE YARD Team Registration

Time & Location

Dec 14, 2019, 2:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Garland High School, 310 S Garland Ave, Garland, TX 75040, USA

About Our Event

14th Annual Southwest Step Show & Stage Breakers Qualifier.

The Step Season Kickoff!

December 14, 2019 

Hosted by P Skillz and DJ Faro

Coaches, Directors & Sponsors:

We, the members of the Theta Nu Sigma Step Program representing Garland High School, thank you for your interest & participation in this year’s Trendsetters & Stage Breakers National Invitation Step  Show Competition.  This event will celebrate our 15th consecutive year of operation aimed at pushing the step culture forward and you are now a part of this new history.  We couldn’t be happier that you have elected to join us in support of the movement. StageBreakers serves to celebrate not only what our youth can do on stage, but the acts they perform whenever they aren’t. Our kids set trends. Our kids put it all on the line once the curtains are pulled back. 

We hope you will use this opportunity to fraternize, network, promote your events and meet some of the most remarkable and dedicated people in the step community.  Thank you for all that you do for our youth, and good luck to you each of you.

Judging & Scoring

There will be 7 judges of notable step backgrounds. Most judges serve as representatives of the Divine 9. All judges from our show are knowledgeable with the intricacies of competitive step. Each judge has extensive step experience and have either stepped in competitive step programs, within their fraternal and sororal organizations, or served as event proctors of step shows,  some at the regional, state, and national level. There will be one official timekeeper and two tabulators to calculate scores. No one is allowed to visit the judges table during, before, or after the competition. 

ALL SCORES COUNT! We do not drop the highest and lowest. 

Max Score =80

Teams will be judged on:

A. Intro (5)

B. Thematic Attire (5)

C. Thematic Creativity (5)

D. Stage Presence & Showmanship (10)

E. Precision & Team Sync (15)

F. Formations & Transitions (15)

G. Step Complexity (15)

H. Vocal Clarity (5)

I. Outro (5)


TOTAL SCORE * Letter Grade


The Stage

1. Only registered/ participating steppers will receive a wristband. Non-performing steppers and entourage will be asked to purchase a general admission ticket. Your number of steppers will be placed on formation judges sheet so make sure your numbers are accurate. 

2. Slots for stage orientation will be sent out a week before competition. It’s important that you are present for your assigned time. Teams will have 4 minutes to acclimate to the stage  and space their members as needed. Teams will not be able to step during this time period. Its for stage orientation only.

3. Each team has a maximum time of 8-10 minutes to perform. This includes entrance and exit. Timekeeping will begin with the first musical note, step, word, or communication with the audience. Teams that exceed their 10 minutes will be deducted 1 point per second per judge. 

Clarification: If your time is over 3 seconds, that’s deducted by each judge and your team just lost 21 points.

4. The maximum number of steppers on stage is 30. (The stage dimensions are  40 x 40 x 4)

5. All props including video must be approved in advance. The use of any variation of liquids, oils, flammables,  confetti, powders, or non secure materials increases the risk of injury for show participants and are prohibited from team use. No tap shoes.   Failure to adhere to any of the aforementioned will result in disqualification. Creativity is welcomed and greatly appreciated, but not at the risk of injuring others. Please consult with directors for approval. 

6. All teams are responsible for assigning a member or other qualified personnel to cue their music/video during the performance.  It is advised that all music be placed on multiple formats. 

There are TWO optional locations from which you may play your music.

The control center (rear)

DJ Faro (on stage)  

A CD or AUX is the recommended format.

[However, the dj has an accessible usb player. The lighting cues are also run from the control center in the rear of the auditorium, not from the DJ Booth. ]

7. All props/backdrops must be removed from the stage promptly at the close of the routine. Please take all props with you at the close of the show.


Infractions & Penalties: 

Please be cognisant of the rules governing the event:  

Offensive, inappropriate or sexually explicit, clothing, music or dance ( DQ)

Jumping off stage or approaching the judges table. (DQ)

Performance over time limit (1 point per second per judge) 8 min limit. See chart

Use of unapproved/restricted props (5 points from score per judge)

Destruction or tampering with opposing teams props or music. (DQ)

Unsportsmanlike conduct: taunting, booing, callouts, physical /verbal altercation. (DQ) 

Teams with unpaid registration will not be able to participate.

What to bring?

Your best show! Your best theme! Your best of you!

What to leave? 


Zero Tolerance Disruption Policy: Unruly/unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated. 

The courteous and upstanding officers of the Garland PD will escort you from the premises. 

so play nice, stick around, and soak in the positive vibes.


Team Entry Fees

Below are the entry fees to compete in this year’s competition. An invoice will be sent to each team. 

U12 Elementary & Middle  ($125)

U19 High School ($150)

Paypal link:   

Elementary/Middle School Division

Paypal link:

Male, Female, Coed*

Registration my be paid via business check, money order, or paypal. 

District transfers are not accepted for this event. This is a Booster operated function.  


VIDEO courtesy of OVIDMEDIA ™ 

You Spoke! We listened. All photography from  the night will uploaded here!!!!  

See pictures and video of last year’s performances below.  

Click here:  

Drop off & Buses:


Team Check in begins at 11:00a at the GHS Cafeteria. Teams will be greeted and ushered to the registrar to receive show information, drop off video/music, check in prop collection, and take the performance path for the event.  Stage time will be scheduled this year and teams will be notified of the issued time a week prior to the show. It is suggested that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your call time.

Buses are asked to park in the front of the school facing Jack in the Box. The rear parking lot is limited due to construction. There is no charge for parking this year. 

The Show in a Shell ( A very brief overview)

8:00-10:00 a    .

-Vendor Booth Set Up

10:00 a             . 

-Radio/DJ Setup & Auditorium

11:00-1:00 P    .

-ALL Teams Check in at GHS lunchroom

-Stage Orientation (5 min max) 

12:30 P            .   

- Sponsors Meeting & luncheon 

- Hat pull) 

-Teams visit vendors booths  

1:00 P              .

-Teams move to Auditorium

-P Skillz arrives (Mic Check)

-Elem & Middle School teams get dressed and seated by 1:30

2:00 P              .  

Doors open to public 

2:00 -2:30 P

-The greatest show on earth. 

7:00 P

Awards Ceremony 

Rest & Relaxation

Photos & Celebration


Early Bird tickets can be purchased online at eventbrite for $10 

General admission price the day of the event is $15

Pre-sale tickets for parents, traveling groups and supporters are available upon request. (Must have monies collected.) 

97.9 FM radio personality P Skillz will host this years show and DJ Faro will be on the 1’s & 2’s.

Special host performance by Theta Nu SIgma Step Program. 

Security & Social Media


In efforts of preserving the fun, family environment we’ve seeked to create over the past 10 years, our brave officers of our local law enforcement department provide security for the event.

The official social media hashtag for the night!




@97.9the Beat 


  • High School Team Entry ($150)

    This is the registration for teams competing in the Dec 14th event in one of the three high school divisions. Sponsors and performers are allowed. Additional entourage and non participating steppers will be required to pay a door admission to enter.

    Sale ended
  • Elem & MS Team Registration

    This is the registration for teams competing in the Dec 14th elementary/ middle school division. Sponsors and performers are allowed. Additional entourage and non participating steppers will be required to pay a door admission to enter.

    Sale ended
  • District-Issued Check (Mailed)

    This option is only for teams that are required to pay via mail. Registration for the High School DIvision is $150. Registration for both Middle School and Elementary are $125. Checks must be mailed to made payable to: Theta Nu Sigma Booster PO 374 Garland, TX 75046-0374

    Sale ended



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