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Candidate B

Brennan, Freshman 

Candidate's Audition Step

Balance & Responsibility

Brennan's Message to Team

In terms of responsibility, I rate myself a10/10 because if the teammate is struggling and they’re trying hard, i know i have to help them as much as i can.  They want to the same success for his team just as well as i do. I'm am but a human so i know how much my team wants to learn and get it right.

What I Stand For

I value having fun and getting the job done. Additionally, I value learning, making connections with people, building friendships, and family. I want to add more to the team and make history. i would want the chance to come up with something new but keep the original.  i would like to get the chance go  create scrolls and steps . This year i just want to make history and be the best captain i can be.

How would you resolve conflicts?

I would pull a member to the side, have a talk with them asking them whats wrong or whats going on and if they need anything? I’ll ask them to go get a drink of water let them take a 2 minute to get his/her life together and get back to practice.

Top 3 characteristics a leader must possess.

1. Showing responsibility

2.Showing how to motivate others


3. Showing how much of a role model you can be and showing that you know how to to be a leader

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