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Candidate D

Anthony, Junior 

Anthony's Step Audition

Balance & Responsibility

I rate myself a 10, because I will put all my team members aside and help them one by one to make sure that they understand what is going on.

What I Stand For

I am someone who you can talk to at any time I’m always available for all my team members And I value every single one of my members opinions.

I will make sure we have more sponsorship and more fundraisers that are fun and will help us grow to put our name out.

How would you resolve conflicts?

I will pull the team member aside and talk to them and if they do not cooperate they would have to do 0 to 100 until they are ready to cooperate

Anthony's Message to Team

Top 3 characteristics a leader must possess.

This program has given me a new family and a relationship with every single member this has molded me to protect everyone and make sure everyone is OK while we have a good time and step

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