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Candidate C

Erica, Junior 

Candidate's Audition Step

Balance & Responsibility

In terms of responsibility, I would rate myself a 9, because if you ask me to do something then I will put my best foot forward and try my hardest to get it done. I would tell them to trust yourself and believe that you can do it . Always give your all and don’t give up.

What I Stand For

I am Erica Epps. I am a junior . I have been a part of Theta Nu Sigma for two years and I love it. I am the goofy one of the team . I love to make everybody laugh and just have fun . I have a good connection with everyone on the team.

I’m going to involve everyone in things . For example leading off exercises and teaching new things . I don’t want them to feel like the captains are doing everything. If I make them do a discipline like 0 to 100 , I’m not going to just sit there I’m going to join in and motivate them .

How would you resolve conflicts?

I would pull them to the side and ask what’s wrong and to see if they need time alone . I also would say I know things are hard but don’t take your anger out on the team . I would give them space.

Erica's Message to Team

Top 3 characteristics a leader must possess.

1) Respect you have to respect everyone in order to get it

2) Overcome things You have to step out of your shell

3) Be fearless  don’t care about what others think or say about you.

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