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Candidate A

Amani, Junior 

Amani's Message to Team

Balance & Responsibility

Top 3 characteristics a leader must possess.

Candidate's Audition Step

My ability to juggle responsibilities would be a solid 9.3 because I can handle the pressure when times get rough but sometimes it becomes stressful trying to fix this one thing and I might get off track a little bit but I will quickly move back on track. I always like to find solutions and I sometimes over think the situation just to find a solution.

What I Stand For

I value confidence and selflessness. Having those two things are something that has taught me and brought me to where I am now. Not only that, but respect and being trustworthy is key because when you have a team you want them to show respect and trust you within the good and bad times.


Finally hard work is another key thing because people will see how much you care about something when you invest in a lot of hard work, time and dedication into something no matter what it is.

Integrity, honesty and empowerment. Those three ideals helped me and my team become stronger because we leaned on them for their support whether things are good or bad and we counted on them to do what’s right. I also feel as though leadership is also fueled by someone who’s a role model for others. When you are leading a team, you are a role model because you have your teammates looking up to you. You are supposed to build your team up and not tear them down, listen when they are crying for help and help them realize that when times get rough you are there to help and love them no matter their flaws. Nobody is perfect and you will make mistakes, but your goal is to lead them through it all and make sure the mistakes that you make are 10x better than before. It’s more than just teaching a step, it’s about helping them and instilling morals in order to become a successful person in life and changing your community by teaching them what’s right. With that being said, past leadership showed good qualities of dealing with certain situations and just watching them take charge of things really allowed me to live up to those expectations or standards.

How would you resolve conflicts?

I would simply go to them and pull them to the side. I would have a talk with them, discuss what’s going on and understand their situation to better resolve it. Next, I would see if there’s something I can do to help resolve the issue or situation but if it’s something that’s higher or possibly something to the extreme I would definitely call a meeting in place with leadership and coaches within this organization to help with the problem.

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