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Theta Nu Sigma was created  in 2006 to reach a different demographic of student, many of who weren’t participants in traditional athletic programs, but who strives to be “a part of” family rather than “a part from” campus life. Since then, our reputation and charitable reputation has paved the way not only for our team, but for the culture of high school step as well. Theta Nu Sigma is much more than a step team. the organization is a district recognized athletic program & public service organization driven towards the development of young leaders of mixed cultural backgrounds.  


The ultimate aims for each of the members are:


  • to be encouraged to experience the true sense of camaraderie amongst peers

  • to become eager, educated examples of excellence who actively contribute to their community

  • to maintain a competitive scholastic average over 3.0 

  • to seek future enrollment into 4-year programs at institutes of higher learning. 

  • to demonstrate mastery of dance various dance styles in scheduled athletic showcases similar to those performed at national competitions and traditional shows performed by Greek letter organizations.




Some memorable team highlights include the following: 

  • Grand Champions Midwest Greek Step Show

  • Facebook Stories feature 2019

  • 1st Place, College Division | Wichita, Kansas

  • 4 time champions of Brothers of Stomp Bobcat Breakout 4, Grand Champions | Star Spencer, OK

  • Stomp Wars 2nd Place 2010

  • Stomp Wars Co-ED Champions 2012

  • Stomp Wars Runner Up 2013

  • 14 consecutive First place victories 2009-2010. 

  • 1st Place Texas Step Team (Coed Division) Youth Step USA

  • Finalist of BET Stomp the Yard Homecoming Contest*

  • NSL State Champions

  • NSL National Champions 2016

  • NFL Experience Performance Guest

  • Texas Ranger 9th Inning Special Performance

  • Best of the Bay, 4 time consecutive championships

  • Step the Movie Premiere Dallas: Guest Performance for cast 

  • Team raised over $1,200 canned food items and non perishables in support of the North Texas Food Bank and Garland Area Food Pantry, 

  • Continued support of Rachel’s Challenge and “Mix-It-Up,” the National program addressing school violence and the promotion of racial tolerance.

  • First Place Winner of Area Step Battle features on KXTA Metro PCS Dance Club 21

  • Raised over $250.00 in donations annually benefiting March of Dimes.

  • Student mentoring in partnership with Kimberlin Academy, KIPP Academy & Parson Pre-K

  • Member, B. Achilike honored with award for African American with Highest GPA in the Garland ISD  District.

  • Member Bennie  Simmons recipient of Gates Millennium Scholarship



Bobby Achilike (2006-2009)

Washington Univ Chicago, Il

UT Southwestern

Medical Residency

Little Rock, AK

Bennie Simmons (2006-2009)

Southern Methodist University


Byron Patterson (2007-2011)

Trade School


Cedric Devereaux (2008-2009)

Jarvis Christian College

Dallas Baptist University


Jerrad Hunter (2008-2009)

University of North Texas


Laura Jaramillo (2011-2012)

University of Texas at Dallas


Preston Leger (2011-2012)

Universtiy of North Texas


Tyler Doggett (2009-2012)

Texas Southern University

Christian Casanova

Richland College (2008-2011)


Ray Honey (2009) 

Sam Houston State University


Broderick Bell (2010-2012)

Prairie View University

Arts Institute of Dallas


Jude Gaye (2010-2011)

Texas Tech University

Jalan Williams (2010-11)

Jarvis Christian College


Martin Karanga (2010-2014)

Brookhaven College

Victoria Pegram (2010-2013)

Oklahoma Baptist

Prairie View University


Xavier Woods (2010-2012)

Texas State University


Whitney Houston (2010-2013)

Texas A & M Commerce


Reginald Johnson (2014)

University of North Texas



Loalisha Bradley (2010-2012)

University of North Texas

Bachelors Degree Crim Justice

Summa Cume Laude


Jackie Rendon (2014)

University of North Texas


Matthew Adkins (2008-2011)

Texas College


Jayda Crockett (2014)

Navarro College


Christian Casanova (2015)

Art Institute of Dallas


Demaudecia Taylor (2013-16)

Stephen F Austin University

Stephnie Chukwu (2013-2016)

United States Marines Corp

University of North TX

Courtney Taylor (2014-16)

University of North Texas

Ken Johnson (2013-2016)

Prarrie View A & M University


Mercedes Sims (2014-2016)

Collin County College

Edeisha Govan (2013-2016)

Richland College

Ogle Beauty College

Domanique King (2013-2016)

Culinary Institute

Arnada Jackson (2014-17)

Texas Woman's University

Dariuss Eckles (2016-17)

Jarvis Christian College

Tommy Flores (2015-17)

Richland College

Zavier Chatman (2014-18)

Texas Southern University

Jubella Davis (2014-18)

Grambling State University

Niah Wade (2014-2018

Kansas Wesleyan University

Sylvester Victor (2016-18)

Southern University Baton Rouge)


Kendra Smith (2018)

Spelman College

Jaqueline Monsivais (2016-18)

Univ. of North Texas

Chandler Bennett (2015-2018)

Eastfield College


Kameron Williams (2016-19)

Jarvis Christian College

Kristopher Calhoun (2016-19)

Jarvis Christian College

Dyonne West (2015-19)

Prairie View University A& M

Takyria Price Bryant (2017-19)

Cedar Valley College

Stacy Salgado (2018-19)

Richland College

Erick Squeak Hernandez (2018-19)

Richland College


Maddison Trumbo (Spr 2020)

Toney Mitchell (Spr 2020)

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